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  • Writer's pictureCeyhun Özsoylu

Make Sure That Eveything Is OK

Let us go more with love could have driven us out of the prison

One can find a way to love her one can’t achieve that’s the way it goes lady

When you make me cry you don’t have the right

So baby would you still (be) in love if we together were?

What to do right now she is waiting in the crowd

I wonder if she asks “Are you coming with me?”

Should I again go through?

Even if you shut the door without thinking before

I start begging for more

Should I again go on?

Even if it’s getting worse when there’s nothing I can do

Let’s hope love comes through

Get out of here if I know that you fool me with one else on purpose

One can find a way to ignore one cannot bear somehow we’ll soon see lady

When you make me smile then you don’t have the time baby

Will you still (be) in love when we together are?

What to do right now? She is coming closer now

I wonder if she says “Are you coming to my home?”

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