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Ceyhun Özsoylu

I am a songwriter and an author of the book "Insights For The Fulfilling Life". I sing and play guitar and drums. I ❤️ people, music, movies, books, psychology, philosophy.

I have three published albums, "Sevgilim", "Benim Yaptığım Senin Yapabilceğindi", and "Seni Hiç Terk Etmedim" and several music videos.

Music is the medium I prefer to express my thoughts and feelings as well as self-reflect, freely associate, regulate the inner drives and acquire an enhanced awareness of life and the self.

Dreams do come true
Hearts beat in sync with nature
Cooperation over competition

Transform before transmit

Revise preconceived notions

Go through inner challenges through persistent, patient, insightful effort

Learn continuously & improve incrementally

Cultivate good intentions, spread positive vibes

Plant goodwill seeds, eliminate expectations of rewards

Come to terms with the unexpected

Embrace and celebrate the unknown, what's yet to come

Accept the love, the abundance

Carve your own meaningful path, write your unfolding story of life

Surround yourself with positive, compassionate, emphatical people

I might be wrong in what I know
I don't know what I yet don't know
I still know more than I know

I remember what I had known

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