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Ceyhun Özsoylu

I am a songwriter and an author of the book "Insights For The Fulfilling Life". I sing and play guitar and drums.

I have three published albums: "Sevgilim", "Benim Yaptığım Senin Yapabilceğindi", and "Seni Hiç Terk Etmedim"

Music is possibly the best medium to express thoughts and emotions to self-reflect and acquire an increased awareness of life.

Dreams do come true
Hearts better beat in sync with nature
People can cooperate more than they compete

I'm living a meaningful life of abundance, learning, and improving incrementally and continuously, revising preconceived notions, transforming, reinventing, transcending, cultivating good intentions and positive vibes, surrounding myself with positive people.

I might be wrong in what I know
I don't know what I don't know
I know more than I know

I ❤️ people, music, movies, books, psychology, philosophy, particularly resolving the conundrum and mystery of the mind and spirit.