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  • Ceyhun Özsoylu


In my head you’re my woman just perfect

And if you left I’d need no one else but you

Then what could be the point of setting us apart

It’s just a matter of culture then why is it so hard?

I don’t know why

How come it happened so?

I wouldn’t think of this before

Oh life I wish I was there and we tried

Make me so that that I believe then I will be

Your kind of guy

Make me so that that I believe then I will be

Your kind of love

In my head we would stand against the rules

That we’ve faced as child when we were raised

You could hold an item in case you want to play

And I could start the beating and hear you sing a song

I don’t know why?

Why did you look for sense?

Where is your heart by which you’ve talked?

Shut up we didn’t have our moments yet

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